Cost-pressures, customer demand, growing traffic and increasing network complexity are constantly growing challenges for CSPs.

Critical Alarm Prediction (CAP) is a business application that predicts network elements most likely to fail. Based on advanced data analytics, it can change the way networks are maintained and provide immense business advantages.

What if you could prevent network problems before they occur, with precise information?

You can. See into the future by looking at your data. Make predictive service management your competitive advantage.

Learn how CAP can benefit your business:

• Reduce operational and maintenance costs
• Manage and plan proactively
• Create a superior customer experience

Learn about the full benefits of CAP by registering for one of our “Critical Alarm Prediction – Predictive is the new proactive” webinars by clicking one of the buttons on the right.

The webinar is hosted by Ulla Koivukoski, the SVP of Comptel Analytics. It will cover exactly how CSPs can predict and prevent network failures before they occur and why that can help create significant OPEX savings.

We’ve built a calculator that will allow you to build a business case for a CAP system. See what your network looks like when you can prevent disasters by automating and prioritising network and site failures.

With our business case calculator, you’ll be able to forecast how CAP can help with:

  • OPEX
  • Revenue
  • Pre-emptive Maintenance
  • Cumulative Annual Savings

Build your CAP business case today!


Comptel recently put together a whitepaper about how Critical Alarm Prediction can help reduce OPEX, prevent revenue loss and improve customer experience.

Find out how CSPs can reduce urgent corrective maintenance site visits by more than 50 percent with CAP.


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