What’s on at Management World 2010: Day 2 Highlights

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After a nice evening on the rooftop at the Le Meridien Hotel on the Nice seafront on Tuesday, the team on-site at Management World 2010 got started on another very busy day.

One highlight from the second day was a Revenue Management & Profitability Summit case study presentation from Telecom Personal, the mobile branch of Telecom Argentina with 14 million subscribers.

Among the market challenges the operator faced—Argentina is a saturated market with a 120% penetration rate, number portability and MVNOs are coming up in Latin America, and the region has seen high churn with the economic slowdown.

IT manager Leticia San Juan explained the service provider’s goal of delivering a multi-channel, self-service activation solution for pre-paid subscribers in seven months, with the hope of enhancing customer satisfaction.  She then described the pre-activation, validation and provisioning (where Comptel comes in) processes to meet this objective.

There were some positive results in the end.  Telecom Personal has improved customer satisfaction by reducing the time it takes between initial contact and all of the validations—all down to two or three minutes.  The operator was also able to reduce activation costs and better collect subscribers’ contact details with identity assurance.

Some important lessons learned as noted by Leticia—a pilot implementation is critical before launching innovative services, and don’t forget to continue focus on telco product innovation while undertaking such projects.

Will you be in Management World 2010 in Nice next week?

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Can’t believe Management World 2010 is just a week away!  Comptel and our customers and partners have been quite busy preparing for it.  Here’s a brief overview of some of the key activities we’ll be involved in at the Nice event.

CTO Gareth Senior and Ralf Jaeger from partner Cisco Systems’ Worldwide Managed Services Team will be teaming up for a presentation as part of TM Forum’s Successful Business Transformation Summit.  On Tuesday, May 18 at 5 p.m., head over to the session, to hear about and discuss managed services’ vital role in enhancing the overall customer experience, maintaining competitive advantage and modernizing communications service providers’ (CSPs) systems to handle the ever-changing telecom environment.

Customer Telecom Personal Argentina will also be speaking at the show.  Kick off the Revenue Management & Profitability Summit with Leticia San Juan on Wednesday, May 19 at 10 a.m.  She’ll explain how the CSP was able to meet business goals, such as reducing the duration of the activation process duration, with an integrated self-service solution.

Don’t forget about the Catalyst stands in Forumville!  Comptel is participating in three of these collaborative initiatives at Management World 2010.  We’ll be on hand with our fellow participants to discuss the Inter-Cloud Service Management (from a service fulfillment perspective), Cloud Service Broker (from a service-layer active catalog and design studio perspective) and Service Model (from a federated product and service catalog perspective) Catalysts.

For those going to Nice, we hope you’ll swing by booth #21 and say hello.