Many communications service providers (CSPs) have become interested in the promises of network function virtualisation (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN). By adding virtualised layers to their infrastructure, CSPs hope for faster time-to-market, efficient service innovation and an overall reduction in operational spending. Deploying NFV/SDN across network, storage and computing hardware will also usher in a new era of business and operational agility, applications and responsiveness.

What’s vital to capitalising on the opportunities NFV and SDN present is end-to-end order orchestration. With an automated approach, CSPs will be able to streamline the management complexities associated with NFV and SDN, and tap into new kinds of opportunities – from pre-validating enterprise customer orders to empowering legacy IT systems with virtualised layers. That said, NFV/SDN is likely to be an revolution through evolution, rather than a revolution alone.

Here are some valuable resources that can show you how to effectively make cloud and virtualised technologies work for your business:

Comptel sponsored a whitepaper written by ICT Intuition, “Breaking the Bottleneck: Fulfillment Orchestration, Automation & Agility.”

In this report, you’ll learn how CSPs can adapt fulfillment platforms and legacy systems to increasingly complex and mobile environments.

The whitepaper also discusses how the resource layer interacts with end-user services, how NFV will sit alongside traditional services and how OSS/BSS needs to evolve.


New cloud-based, front-office solutions are appealing to businesses across many industry verticals, but none more so than in communications. Comptel has been working with to build a blueprint for integrating a cloud-based enterprise platform into a telecommunications operating environment. In part, that has meant creating ways to bridge the gap between enterprise sales and operations, making customer and service order orchestration much more efficient.

That’s just the beginning of the potential for cloud services for CSPs. In Stratecast’s report, “Operations & Monetization Platforms in the Cloud,” Senior Consulting Analyst Tim McElligot takes a look at what’s on the horizon for telcos when it comes to cloud-based services.


SDN and NFV promise unprecedented opportunities for CSPs, but only if service orchestration can handle the complexities of a dynamic, virtualised environment.

That means consolidating the fulfillment processes into one platform and building operator stacks that can manage multi-vendor services. But how can orders and services be orchestrated and delivered?

Comptel’s CTO for Fulfillment, Simon Osborne, spoke with Global Telecoms Business about what CSPs can do to deploy and orchestrate NFV/SDN effectively.


Order management is at the center of a CSP’s most significant interactions with customers. Whether CSPs are marketing to new prospects or promoting the latest products to customers, this is a customer experience that starts with a sale.

In a world where technology has made it difficult to differentiate on product performance alone, CSPs increasingly have to work on providing a seamless launch of product offerings – across all channels – instead.

The most significant interactions a customer has are when they buy, move, add, change, cancel and are billed for services. But what do those interactions look like? Order management is often siloed, leaving a fragmented customer experience that is no longer acceptable to consumers.

So how can CSPs build an architecture that helps legacy OSS/BSS systems evolve while keeping key foundations in place? By integrating a cloud layer into the order management process. Want to learn more? Download our whitepaper with CloudSense, “The Order Management Tipping Point.”